Cover of the A5 Wall Calendar 2024, showcasing a beautiful hand-printed linocut artwork by artist Layla Khani (aka Laylart Studio). The artwork depicts a captivating landscape in vibrant green hues with foreground red flowers.
Open view of the 2024 Linocut Wall Calendar, revealing the January 2024 page embellished with a charming winter scene linocut print by Laylart Studio.
Open view of the 2024 Linocut Wall Calendar, showcasing the March 2024 page featuring a captivating linocut print of a rural landscape with charming houses, a creation by Laylart Studio.
Open view of the 2024 Linocut Wall Calendar, unveiling the July page adorned with a vibrant linocut print portraying a colorful meadow of red and orange flowers, a backdrop of diverse trees, and a charming house, created by Laylart Studio.
Display of two calendars side by side, featuring the January 2024 and February 2024 pages. Each page showcases a unique linocut print that beautifully captures the essence of the respective seasons.
Open view of the May 2024 calendar page, displaying a vibrant linocut print at the top and neatly arranged dates and days at the bottom, providing a glimpse of the calendar's design.
Side-by-side view of a Linocut Wall Art Calendar, featuring the March and April 2024 pages. Each page offers a detailed layout with exquisite landscape linocut prints that capture the essence of the respective months.
Open view of the Linocut Wall Art Calendar for June 2024, highlighting a captivating linocut print that beautifully encapsulates the month's unique charm and character.
Back view of the 2024 Linocut Wall Art Calendar, offering a comprehensive glimpse of all the featured linocut images that adorn this year-long masterpiece.

(A5) Small Wall Calendar 2024 - Wall Art Calendar 2024

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Elevate your living space with our exquisitely designed 2024 A5 Wall Calendar. This compact calendar (148 x 210 mm) adds an element of elegance to any room, seamlessly blending style and functionality.

Printed on high-quality heavy paper with a matte finish, this A5 wall calendar features 12 vibrant and joyful landscape linocut prints, each corresponding to a month. These captivating prints take you on a visual journey through the seasons, offering a dynamic and colourful transformation to your wall, making it more than just a calendar – it's a work of art.

Perfect for gifting, this lively wall calendar is a thoughtful choice for birthdays, Christmas, or ushering in the new year. Whether for your home or as a gift for friends and family, it's a calendar that brings joy, inspiration, and a touch of artistic flair throughout the entire year.

Key Details:

  • Calendar Size: 210 x 148 mm (A5)
  • 2024 Monthly Wall Art Calendar
  • 12 pages, including Cover and Back
  • High-quality paper with a matte finish

© Layla Khani